Meet The Parents

Queen info

Ragmeister Kla of Ragdollkids    “Kla”

Blue mitted

Kla is a charmer! She is loving and also playful! She greets you at the door,  continues to follow you around the home and will leap into your lap or snuggle in bed whenever given the chance.  DNA tested Negative for HCM.

King info

CFA Champion Beachcityrags Clyde of Ragbenchers

Blue Mitted

Clyde is a sweet, lovable classic Ragdoll personality!  Affectionate nature, stunning blue eyes, luxurious thick coat!  DNA tested Negative for HCM.

King Info – father of July 3 kittens

Ragbenchers Tomsaw of Ragdollkids “Sawyer”

Seal BiColor

Meet Sawyer! A beautifully marked seal BiColor! He is very sweet, loving and friendly. Mellow and easy going. Thick, long and gorgeous fur! DNA tested Negative for HCM.