Meet Chanel! Beautiful TICA Registered adult Chocolate BiColor female – Sorry – she is sold

Chanel is approximately 17 months old. Her birthday is April 20, 2018. She is a sweet girl with lots of energy! Needs lots of room to run and play – she fetches! She is a Chocolate BiColor with unique markings on her back – one of a kind look! Soft, beautiful blue eyes and luxurious silky fur! She has not been altered. Because of her age she is being offered at a reduced price. Mother is a Blue Mitted, father is a seal BiColor. Mother and father are tested as HCM negative. Contact me for additional info and pricing. Thanks for your consideration!!

New Kittens Born July 3!!

In honor of the eve of America’s July 4th……these kittens were given founding fathers of America names.  Don’t worry……they can be renamed when you bring the home!  They are too young to know their early names….just makes it easier to decide which kitten you want – check out the recent posts!