Meet The Parents

Queen Kla

Ragmeister Kla of Ragdollkids (Blue Mitted)
Kla is a charmer! She is loving and also playful! She greets you at the door, continues to follow you around the home, and will leap into your lap or snuggle in bed whenever given the chance. DNA tested Negative for HCM and FELV/FIV. She is a loving and nurturing mom! Your kitten is raised by the best!

Queen Paige

Ragdollkids Frieda Paige (Blue mitted)
Paige is a love bug…….she purrs all of the time! She just wants to be near you….. dog-like personality! So sweet and loving! Gorgeous velvety fur! DNA tested Negative for HCM. Also tested negative for FELV/FIV. She is a gentle soul…….classic Ragdoll temperament!

Queen Nikki

Ragdollkitty Nikki D of Ragdollkids (Blue Bicolor)
Nikki has a regal type and princess-like personality! She is confident, strong with amazing eyes and a gorgeous thick coat! An exquisitely well-marked Bi-Color pattern! She loves to be petted and purrs with great pleasure! DNA tested Negative for HCM. She comes from incredible lineage, with grand champions running through her blood! She is fearless, loving, passionate, and curious about everything!

Queen Lexus

Ragbenchers Lexus Lu of Ragdollkids (Blue Bicolor Lynx)
Lexus is a furball of joy and sweetness! She loves all people and all cats! Like all Ragdolls, she is never too far from the family and is quick to come when she is called. She has an amazingly thick coat, with the feel of silk, a personality that will win over any heart…….she is an awesome addition to our family! Her striking blue eyes contrasted with perfectly balanced lynx facial patterning make for a stunning and captivating girl! Can hardly wait to see the gorgeous kittens she will have!

King Sawyer

CFA Champion Ragbenchers Tomsaw of Ragdollkids (Seal Bicolor)
Meet Sawyer! A beautifully marked seal BiColor! He is very sweet, loving, and friendly. Mellow and easy-going. Thick, long, and gorgeous fur! DNA tested Negative for HCM and FELV/FIV. He was just awarded Champion at the largest west coast cat show – San Diego Cat Fanciers! Check out the kitten photos below of Sawyer – his coloration got much darker and his fur grew long and thick as he got older. Handsome boy!