Margot & Dennis
Twyla - Seal Mitted Female

Deborah is honest, communicative, responsive and loves her Ragdolls! Twyla is as gorgeous as they come, extremely smart and full of personality. Her coat is luxurious and her markings are extraordinary. If you’re looking for a healthy and responsible breeder look no further. We have had three Ragdolls over the past 16 years and this was the best experience we have had and we would not recommend anyone else.

Paisley - Adopted Two Kittens
Beau Blue Bicolor Male and Hazzy Seal Mitted Female

These two are personality plus!

Love, love, love them!

We call Beau the white tiger.

Sweet, sweet babies

Hazzy like to play fetch – like a dog!

They are my everything – sooo cute!

Mushu Blue Bicolor Female
Deborah was extremely responsive and communicative through the entire process! I also really liked that I could learn more about the parents on the website as well. It’s a small operation with one litter at a time so that focused attention can be given and I think it makes a big difference. The kitten that I adopted came from Sawyer and Paige – a healthy blue bicolor female. She is the absolute sweetest kitty with the best temperament! She is perfectly marked with gorgeous bright blue eyes. I also appreciated that I could adopt my kitten as early as I could (~9 weeks). Deborah sent us videos and pictures of her growing up and it was so delightful to get those. It certainly made me excited to finally meet the little angel. She also got a health checkup and her first shot prior to her “gotcha” day. On her “gotcha” day itself – she was brought out wrapped in a blanket that had the comforting smells of her mom and siblings. She was so calm and sweet. I had brought a carrier with me but I could just carry her out she was so mellow! She also started purring as soon as I cuddled her – what a sweetie! Deborah also gave us some goodies that were very thoughtfully put together! It’s been 5-6 months since I’ve had her now and she’s been such a good kitty! She is just made to love and be loved 🙂 good heritage! Highly recommend Ragdollkids!
Charlie Blue Point Mitted Male

My experience with Ragdoll kids was perfect. My wife and I were looking for this particular breed for their calm and sociable demeanor. I researched all the catteries in the San Diego area and we chose Ragdolls kids. Our Charlie has been very healthy and such a sweet cat. Deborah was very easy to communicate with and made the transaction seamless. I would highly recommend Ragdollkids without reservation if you’re interested in this beautiful breed.

Cybelle Blue Point Mitted Female

She is so happy and calm! I love her so much ❤️
Linda and Skip - Adopted Two Kittens
Priscilla Blue Point Mitted Female and Bentley Seal Point Mitted Male

We love them and think they are the most beautiful cats in the universe.

Thank you, Debbie, for these beautiful angels. They are not only sweet, but beautiful.
Your loving kindness for these kitties shows in their personalities. I would recommend your kittens to anyone looking for Ragdolls.

Jane and Scott
Harley Seal BiColor Male

We are having so much fun with the baby. He’s adapting and exploring everything and then takes a break to nap in the middle of the bed.
Arya Seal BiColor Female

Through our adoption experience with you, it was very easygoing and stress free. My girlfriend who (works at a vet clinic) loved how thorough and organized you were with the documentation and veterinary information for the kittens! Also the way you would always send us updates, with pictures, and videos, made us feel really involved with the kitten growing phase! Also the fact that you sent us home with kitty baby blankets and a goody bag was really sweet!
Rod and Erin
Huxley Blue BiColor Male

He is still very much a kitten in that he always wants to play. He’s super attentive to his surroundings and he doesn’t sleep much during the day, if we’re home. He does hang out with us a lot. He’s affectionate and prefers to sit next to us.
Mocha Seal BiColor Female

Deborah has been absolutely the best breeder I’ve worked with. She’s friendly, prompt, responsive, honest, and professional. Everything happened just the way she said it would, exactly at the time that she promised. She kept us informed with photos and videos of our cat while we were waiting for her to grow under Deborah’s care.

When my daughter received her cat at Deborah’s house into her arms, she teared up in sheer joy and excitement. The little kitty was that precious and beautiful, while being as light as a feather!

Our cat has been the sweetest and the most charming creature that has arrived in our household. She is sometimes waiting for me right outside my bedroom door, giving me a good morning greeting. She has such a nice personality that she even gets along with our small size dog. They are like sisters to each other. She sometimes follows us around the house into the rooms and into the bathrooms. Often, she comes next to us and sits with us (or on us!) when we are lounging. She is the cutest cat!

We still melt when we see or pet her because she is so beautiful and so endearing. The softness of her fur and her cute belly are out of this world! I feel that our cat comes from a really good line of parents because she is really smart and clever too. Even as little as she was when she first came to our house, she always found her way into the litter box for her business. We were simply amazed!

Pinkie Blue BiColor Female

She is a beautiful BIG girl. Smart with a mind of her own.